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Occupational Illness/Disease


The Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs (OWCP) defines an “occupational disease or illness” as a medical condition produced in the work environment over a period longer than a single workday or shift by such factors as systemic infection; continued or repeated stress or strain; or exposure to hazardous elements such as, but not limited to, noise, toxins, fumes, or other continued or repeated conditions or factors of the work environment.


A CA-2 is the proper form for you to file a claim for occupational disease or illness. All postal installations are required to have form CA-2’s available. You can also download the form from our website at Some common claims filed on a CA-2 are: back injuries, carpel tunnel syndrome, plantar fasciitis, rotator cuff strains, meniscus tears, and ankle injuries.


Once you complete your CA-2, submit it to your supervisor and request your receipt. Your receipt is proof your supervisor received your CA-2 claim. Inform your supervisor you want a completed copy of your CA-2. 20CFR 10.110(a) requires the employer to give the employee a copy of both sides of the completed CA-2.


Employee’s have the burden to prove their claim with OWCP. The following information should be submitted along with your CA-2:


• You should include a statement describing your work duties that you believe contributed to your injury. Be very detailed in your statement, but do not exaggerate. Make sure to sign your statement.


• You must have a detailed medical report from your physician. The report must include the following:


1. Dates of examination or treatment.

2. History given to the physician by the employee.

3. Detailed description of the physician’s findings.

4. Results of x-rays, laboratory tests, etc.

5. Diagnosis

6. Clinical course of treatment

7. ***** Physician’s opinion as to whether the disease or illness was caused or aggravated by the employment, along with an explanation of the basis for this opinion. (Medical reports that do not explain the basis for the physician’s opinion are given very little weight in adjudicating the claim.)


Send your medical report directly to OWCP and not to the Postal Service. If you have any questions feel free to contact our department at 714-748-1100.

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