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a. The CCA work force Is comprised of noncareer, city letter carrier bargaining unit employees.


b. CCA employees shall be hired for terms of 360 calendar days and will have a break in service of 5 days between appointments.


c. The provisions for determining the number of CCA employees that may be employed are found In Article 7.1.C.


d. The Postal Service shall provide a report every other pay period with information needed to monitor compliance with the above provision.


e. The hourly rate for CCA employees shall be established In accordance with Table 2, Step BB. Transitional Employees (TEs) employed as of the date of this Agreement who become CCAs shall be paid at Step AA of Table 2. The parties may mutually agree to increase the CCA pay rates should they determine It necessary for the recruitment or retention of CCAs. Adjustments

to salary shall be In accordance with Article 9.7.


f. When hired, a CCA's relative standing In an Installation Is determined by his/her original CCA appointment date to the Installation, using Article 41.2.B.6.(a) where applicable, and adding the time served as a city letter carrier transitional employee for appointments made after September 29, 2007 in any installation.


g. When the Postal Service hires new city letter carrier career employees, CCA employees within the Installation will be converted to full-time regular, career status to fill such vacancies based on their relative standing. A CCA who does not accept the career opportunity will not lose his/her relative standing for future career opportunities.


h. CCA employees may be separated at any time during their term of appointment for lack of work. Separations for lack of work shall be by Inverse relative standing in the Installation. Such separations are not grlevable except where the separations are pretextual. CCAs separated for lack of work will be given preference for reappointment ahead of other CCAs with less relative standing in the installation if the need for hiring arises within 18 months of their separation.


I. CCA employees are separated for 5 days between appointments. When operational circumstances Indicate that reappointment for a CCA(s) is not needed and the installation employs a CCA(s) with lower relative standing, the CCA(s) will be reappointed and the CCA(s) with the lower standing in the installation wlll be separated instead. Such separation of a CCA(s) with the lowest relative standing Is not grlevable except where the separation Is pretextual. These CCAs separated for lack of work during or upon completion of their term of appointment will be given a preference for reappointment ahead of other CCAs with less relative standing in the installation provided the need for hiring arises within 18 months of separation.


J. All current transitional employees wlll be given the opportunity to be employed as CCAs consistent with their test results and legal requirements. These employment opportunities and the phasing out of the transitional employee category will occur within 90 days of the effective date of this Agreement


k. As Part-time Flexible (PTF) employees are converted to full-time In accordance with existing contractual processes, the PTF classlflcation shall be phased out There shall be no new hiring of PTF employees.


I. CCA Is the only noncareer category in the NALC bargaining unit.


m. Opting provisions applicable to CCA employees (Article 41.2.B.4) are applicable beginning 90 days after the effective date of this Agreement

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