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Why you should contribute to the Letter Carriers Political Fund


Patrick Donahoe just retired as Postmaster General.  The Washington Post ran an article by Lisa Rein that highlighted his last speech at the National Press Club. He expressed frustration with the “self-interests” that in his opinion have held up Congressional reform.  In that speech Donahoe took his strongest shot at those interests, which he said cannot continue to resist changes he described as inevitable.  He accused unions of single-mindedly fighting to preserve jobs and benefits with too little flexibility.


He went on to say that “At some point in time, people have to stat thinking about the future….”  It will be “…a far leaner organization, with a smaller workforce and less generous health care and pension benefits…” This is our future he is talking about.  The Letter Carriers Political Fund, is job insurance.  We can not use union dues to support a particular candidate.  We use contributions to the Letter Carriers Political Fund to support candidates that support the NALC’s position and the USPS.  We support candidates from all sides of the political spectrum.  It is important that individuals that believe that the USPS is a viable, worth while company are our legislators.


You can contribute to the Letter Carriers Political Fund via your pay check, annuity, your checking or savings account.  You may sign up thru or contact the union hall for assistance.









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