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Where is my Health Benefit Refund?




Letter Carriers on the rolls of OWCP may be entitled to a Health Benefit Refund. The entitlement comes from an overpayment by OWCP when they assume responsibility for deducting premiums for health benefits and Federal Employees’ Group Life Insurance (FEGLI). When OWCP begin deductions of health benefits premiums, it is done at the federal rate, which is normally higher than the postal rate, this creates an overpayment.


EL-505, Chapter 4 is the governing regulation that requires the Postal Service, on a quarterly basis, to calculate the amount of the refund to be paid to OWCP claimants.


To be eligible for the refund, employees must meet the following criteria:


• Employees must be in an LWOP/injured on duty status. (Employees who are separated from the Postal Service are not eligible).

• Employees must be in receipt of OWCP compensation payments with health benefit premiums deducted at the OPM rate.

• A period of at least one year must have elapsed since the employee was initially placed on OWCP compensation.



If you met the above requirements and have not received a health benefit refund, please contact David Jones at the branch (714) 748-1100.


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