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NALC Health Benefit Plan


2019 Health Plan Rates


  2018 Health Plan Brochure


                                          2019 Health Plan Brochure



Active Postal Employees Biweekly


High Plan



Self         $81.43

Self + 1   $193.86

Family     $174.31





Self        $52.45

Self + 1 $114.57

Family   $118.26




Value Plan


Self          $43.05

Self + 1    $94.03

Family      $97.10








Need a flu shot?

The NALC Plan covers flu shots.  Don't have time to go to the doctors?  You can get a flu shot for free at a CVS Pharmacy.  All you have to do is show your NALC Health Benefit card to the pharmacy.

Prescription Refills

If you are on long term maintenance medications, you can get your 3 month supply of medication through mail order or at a CVS Pharmacy for the same mail order price

CT scans, MRI's & PET scans require pre-authorization

DCT Scans, MRI's and PET scan require pre-authorization unless they are required for a medical emergency.  Make sure you get pre-authorization for your test or you could be responsible for the entire amount of the test.

CCA Health Insurance information

City Carrier Assistants, CCA, are entitled to health benefits.  As a CCA you can sign up for the non-career plan provided by United Health Care.  The Postal Service will pay $125 a pay period towards the premium.  YOU MUST SIGN UP WITHIN 60 DAYS OF BEING HIRED.  You will sign up thru for the health benefits.


If you do not sign up in your first 60 days then you must wait for open season.  Open season is the second Monday of November until the second Monday of December every year.  The Veteran’s Day holiday is always near the beginning of open season.  So remember to review your benefits on Veteran’s Day.


If you have any issues signing up for your benefits please contact Marilyn Youman at the Branch 1100 offices, 714-748-1100, or Shared Services at 877-477-3273 option #5.




Annuitants-Non Postal Premium Monthly


High Plan


Self          $183.37

Self + 1    $434.85

Family      $393.49




Self       $118.38

Self + 1 $258.59

Family   $266.92


Value Plan


Self       $97.16

Self + 1 $212.21

Family   $219.16

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