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In 1998 due to the rising number of letter carriers sustaining on the job injuries and the complexity of the Federal Employee Compensation Program, NALC Branch 1100 started its own safety and compensation program with a full-time officer assigned exclusively to handle safety and compensation issues that arise. This program is available to any member of Branch 1100. Services include assisting injured letter carriers completing injury compensation forms, assisting letter carriers with the appeals process with the Department of Labor or any other issue related to the injured employees claim.


If you have any questions, please contact the branch office 714-748-1100 or via e-mail


Injury Compensation FAQ'S & FAQ's #2


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If you are injured, you have the right to see your physician of choice.

If you sustain a on the job injury, management must advise you of your right to see your own physician.  If they don't, they they have violated the National Agreement.  We always recommend you see your own physician.  Remember, your physician works for you and a Postal Service physician works for the interest of the employer.

What is the difference between a CA-1 & CA-2

A CA-1 is to be completed for a traumatic injury such as a dog bite, fall, sprained ankle.  You must be able to identify what happened, where it happened and what time it happened.  A CA-2 is to be completed for occupational disease.  Occupational disease is a on the job injury that happens over time where you cannot identify specifically what happened, where it happened such as reoccurring knee, back or wrist pain. Click here for more information on filing a CA-2

Remember to always get a receipt when filing a claim

If you ever have to file a CA-1 or CA-2, make sure you always get a copy of the employees receipt attached to the form.  The receipt is your proof that you turned in the form.

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