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Pay Issues


Pay Issues - We are being informed about more pay issues than ever before.  The issues range from new CCAs that aren’t paid because management failed to enter their hours from form 1260,  COP not being paid to an injured employee, and management giving a letter carrier LWOP when they requested annual or sick leave on form 3971.  First, every employee needs to track their hours.  Grab a notebook, calendar, or your phone and write down your start time and ending time every day.  Check your paycheck every pay period to make sure you are being paid for all of the time you work.  You can go on liteblue and see your paycheck several days before payday.   You can confirm all your hours and leave used have been entered.   If you are not paid for all the hours worked you may be entitled to a pay advance.  If you have not been properly paid let management know but always let the union know.   Too many managers don’t know how to fix your pay or chose not to and we will need to be involved.  If you were not paid correctly, ask management for a pay advance.  If they do not give you one by the end of the day you requested the advance, please let your Shop Steward know or contact the Branch office immediately.


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