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New Scanners, Discipline & Texting Information



The new scanners are being deployed to all offices by the end of September 2015.  The ability for the scanners to send and receive text messages has just been enabled.  This means that your manager could text you instructions or questions.


Weingarten Rights are your right to Union representation at anytime you believe questions by management might lead to discipline.  You have to ask for a Union representative – management does not have to offer one.


The new scanners track your progress and location thru out the day.  In some offices management has text the carrier a question asking about why they are behind.  Or why they delivered a package out of order.


If you feel that any question could lead to discipline – text back asking if the question could lead to discipline.  If the manager responds “yes” ask for Union representation immediately.


While a text has not yet been used in discipline, don’t be the first.


Additionally, if your managers don’t answer the phone – text them.  Ask your manager what they want you to do with the USPS mail since you will not be back on time.


The text messages can be printed out.  If any instructions, questions, OT authorization are given via text ask for your copy when you return to the office.


We recently have seen the first discipline issued to a Letter Carrier for expansion of lunch based on reports generated by the scanner.  It looked at time and distance between delivery points for lunch.  The carrier stated that they went to the restroom and also rearranged mail while at their lunch location.  This does not violate any rule.  To avoid false accusations against you by the employer the Union is advising that you rearrange your mail at your delivery point instead of your lunch location.  Big brother is watching.




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